Being a part of the church community is when we start to thrive and getting involved through serving is a great way to connect into the life of church.

We have many areas you can serve in at church – whether you’re technically savvy, a big people person, or just great with a coffee machine, we’re sure you’ll find your fit!

Saying ‘Count Me In’ starts here!

Browse through the teams below, fill in the online form & one of our team will contact you shortly.

The greeting team are they first point of connection for people attending church.

At the beginning of the service, they stand at the entry of the building, welcoming each person as they enter. They specifically help identify visitors and give them the information needed for them to have a great church experience.

At the end of the service, they help people find the relevant information they need so they can best connect into church and easily register for events.

Helping to facilitate an atmosphere of connecting by the serving of food and drinks after the service.

This team serves our church through providing refreshments and a friendly welcome to all who come to our church, as well as help visitors receive special service.

This team aim to provide a smooth and trouble free experience for every person attending church.

Service crew help prepare the building and auditorium before church begins. During a service they assist in ushering people to seats, collecting offerings, and work with the service manager to make sure any practical needs throughout a service are met. At the end of the service they help pack down the hall.

Welcoming and directing to help facilitate visitors and church members get into a car spot safely and smoothly.

This team helps with traffic flow in parking areas, ensuring a friendly welcome to all who come to our church. As well as that they respond to the needs of special parking requirements.

Capturing the atmosphere and the unfolding story of what God is doing in our Church.

They tastefully capture the elements of a service with great discretion. For those passionate about photography and capturing the life, light and colour of our community.

Our Kids team are passionate about leading and empowering kids to know Christ for themselves.

This team teaches or assists with the running of a pre-planned lesson and assists the Kids Pastor’s in the smooth running of kids church. They bring the fun and energy to make sure kids church is a fun experience for all!

Our kids’ safety is of highest importance to us. Our Kids Church Security team help ensure our kids travel safely from the school hall to the community centre and then stay there for the duration of Kids Church. They provide an extra set of hands if needed and an extra layer of protection in case someone approaches the community centre.

Our service managers oversee and assist the different elements that contribute to a service.
They work closely with our Service Pastors to make sure the practical components run smoothly.

The sound team operates the sound equipment to help our services run as smooth as possible – by watching & assisting everything that happens on stage. They work alongside our worship team and are a key part in helping enhance the worship experience for all. No previous experience necessary – but willingness to learn & be attentive.

Setting visual atmosphere through lighting & screen display.

These two areas work together as the production team, contributing to an engaging worship experience. These areas are well suited to people interested in technology & creativity.

Our worship team play a key part in the worship experience at church. The role of our singers & musicians is to help people enter into the presence of God through worship.

Note: A practical audition is required before officially joining the team.